love let go


Young lovers gaze into each other’s eyes

As though the world within their grasp they hold;

All fears dissolve, their hearts lift to the skies,

Their lives are one, their future yet untold.

With blessings full, a family grows up strong;

Together, man and wife four children raise

Commitment proves the key to their love song,

As faith, and hope, and love surround their days.

He knelt, his wrinkled face now streaked with tears,

And said, “My love, I have been richly blessed

To walk with you, dear partner, all these years—

So now, my darling, lay your head to rest.”

 This truth of love I’m privileged to know—

His love was strong enough to let her go.

One of the most powerful moments of my life was when I witnessed this scene between my grandparents.  Grandma Goodwin had suffered a stroke one week earlier.  She lay in bed, still, unresponsive.  On this night, I had fallen asleep in a chair in her hospital room.

I was eleven, and she was one of the dearest people in my world.   Grandpa was there in the room when I awakened in the middle of the night.  Through blurred sleepy eyes, I watched, barely breathing so as not to let him know I was awake.

“My honey, my honey…you can rest…you can rest…” Grandpa kept repeating as he tenderly rubbed her hands.  He told her how much he loved her, but that it was all right to stop fighting and let go.

I would not have wanted to intrude on this moment for anything in the world.


One thought on “love let go”

  1. Oh, dear, that brings back tears to my eyes too. Grampa and Gramma Goodwin did have such a special bond, and I remember his total grief at losing mom too. We were all so, not ready, to let her go. Thanks for writing Kate! Love you.

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