Random bright moments in teaching

I have had a lot of great times in nearly twelve years of teaching.  In addition to teaching French and English, I coached cross-country and was advisor for Student Council.  Here’s a rundown of a few top memories I’ve compiled:

-being nicknamed “Traubie” by Kayla B. and having it stick through the years until I married and took my husband’s name

– the class of 2006 dubbed “les petits pois” (the peas)–Puce (Lucy), Pamplemousse, Peter, and others

“Watch the bread!”–moment from the textbook video where Pierre’s bread moves inexplicably on the counter (noted by les Petits Pois)

-my crepe-eating contest with Lucy on my birthday

-getting together for fondue several years after that class graduated

-having a picnic in Russell Woods where we played on the playground and I got to eat my first PB & J

-first field trip to Chicago, inspired by  Candice, Sarah, Jeremiah, and the class of 2005

-Erica V’s junior English persuasive speech with posters illustrating the evils of Cheetos: tasty little death sticks

-Mr G-K when the boys surprised me with flowers

-favorite Mr. G-K moments: Jacob W’s lip-sync performance, John J’s “van down by the river” skit, the Thriller opening act, the Blue Man Group-style opening act, Ben N’s skit pretending to be Mr. Stirlen, many other skits with students playing the roles of their teachers

-getting to know StuCo kids in conversations over basketball concessions

-StuCo state convention with Jamie, Lucy, and Kate when we only stayed for half a meeting, then wandered the Capitol for a few hours and ended up going home a day early

-singing the national anthem for the basketball sectional finals

-when one of the candidates for Genoa Days Queen gave my name as her answer to the question “Who is an adult you admire?”

-kids encouraging me to sing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” at Winter Retreat

-getting to stay in cool hotels a couple of times a year for retreats

-playing “Spoons” at retreats

-making a video of “the forms of aller” with the class of 2011

-making a “monster mash” video with class of 2011

-all the class of 2011 videos: etre, animaux (Regarde, un canard!), couleurs (Peter and Alana trying to do U Can’t Touch This and change clothes layers every 2 seconds)

-Kelly M. and Sam H. falling into the trash can during a heated match of the eraser game

-Ryan P’s artwork done for vocabulary projects

-Lindsay’s poster of Mr. Bonbon Man

-a student saying the kiss in a story the class was creating was no big deal because “it’s just a French kiss!”

-Arthur, a student, giving me his former math teacher’s phone number, telling me he thought we would make a cute couple

-when a senior in my class stood up for me to some punk kids

-a group’s (Ixtel, Alaina, and Jamie) PowerPoint video on parts of the haunted house, complete with musical excerpts from scary movies

-taking my niece’s Flat Stanley picture along on our field trip to Chicago

-trying my first escargot with students taking pictures at La Sardine, and watching many of them try it themselves

-teaching lots of kids to make crepes

-baking chocolate chip cookies sometimes three or four times a week to sell to raise money for our French field trips

-sitting in on a Global Affairs class and listening to the teacher rant about various topics

–taking at least one runner to the cross-country Sectional meet every year

-cross-country kids begging almost daily to play ultimate Frisbee for practice

-team dinners at my house and team members’ houses

-Charlie B. Moose, the giant stuffed cross-country mascot that two boys ran their entire race with

-Chris M. coming to see me at school two years after his graduation to tell me he had accepted Christ and planned on going into ministry

-my now dear friends and mentors telling me how they appreciated me providing a safe place for their daughter and being a Christlike example for her

I know I’m leaving out a ton, but this is a good start!  Every teacher needs to keep some kind of record of the positive experiences–they sometimes are all that keep you going when frustrations are building.  Most of the time, I’ve loved my work, so I want to remember the good times.


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