Time flies

Why does it seem like days just fly by, and sometimes you can’t remember what you did to fill them?  I just finished a work week with two 13-hour days due to parent-teacher conferences.  At the high school level, most parents rarely bother coming to school to meet with teachers.  We can’t require it of parents, but we teachers do have to be available a couple of times a year just in case.

So here we were, basically stuck at work all day with no students.  Normally, those conference days seem to drag on endlessly, but this year, I felt like I was busy all day, both days, and still had plenty of ungraded homework to bring home at the end of it all.  I looked back at the days and wondered where the hours went.  I know I took longer figuring out which supplies I needed to order than expected, and I did get a bit of grading and lesson planning finished, but it still didn’t seem to add up.

Today is turning into more of the same.  If I try to quantify my day, all I’ve done is make breakfast, feed my son a couple of times, drive over to a friend’s house to pick up some baby toys she no longer needs, take the baby for a walk, and somehow that took up half our day.  There’s still laundry to finish, leaves to rake, groceries to buy, and I hope to make it to Bible study group tonight.

Does it ever feel like time just slips away from you?  Like you’ll never be able to keep up?

How do you prioritize to make sure that the everyday essential things get done without sacrificing the sweet moments of life?  I sense this conflict now that I have a child more than ever before.  The times when he sleeps aren’t enough to do all the chores, so at some point I have to leave him to play on his own in his crib or lay him next to a toy and hope he can entertain himself.  I still feel that guilt if I’m not devoting every single moment to interacting with my child.

How do you manage to strike a balance between what you must do and what you want to do?  These everyday things are what make up a life.  Even if time passes too quickly, as it always seems to do, make the most of what you’re given so you’ll have no regrets in the end.


One thought on “Time flies”

  1. Sounds like every other busy young mother, you’ve got to enjoy the moments of cuddling and let some other things go, but, yes, you also have to let Liam entertain himself at times. I think he would really benefit from a rolling sit-up contraption, where he can reach some things and still exercise his legs to get stronger, plus it puts him upright to see so much more. This also allows him to be with you in the kitchen if needed, or anywhere else because he goes where you go basically. You are doing a marvelous job with all you are accomplishing! More power to you!

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