I cannot truly imagine having to pick up and start all over again after a disaster like earthquake, tornado, fire.  It’s been on my mind lately, in the wake of Haiyan and the tornado in Washington, IL.  Entire communities completely demolished.  Homes in piles of rubble.  Hospitals overrun with the injured.

I have led quite a sheltered life thus far, having never been the victim of such an epic storm.  I like being able to come home to the same house day after day, trusting that it will be standing when I return.  I have a lot of belongings tied up in that house, besides three cats who enjoy the roof over their heads.  While I realize that downsizing can almost always be a positive, I would definitely be blindsided if I suddenly lost everything I own.

Obviously, in any devastating loss like these, the most important thing is that your family and friends come through it safely.  But the other things do have significance.  While much of it can be replaced, not everything can.  My grandmother’s wedding ring, for example.  Pictures of my wedding, of our travels, of our baby’s milestones.

What would be the hardest thing for you to lose?  How would you cope with the loss?


One thought on “Rebuilding”

  1. It is so sad to think of those people who lost everything, but I especially pray for those who lost loved ones. As you said Kate, almost everything can be replaced, but I think one of the hardest lessons to learn in tornadoes of such size and scope, the whole landscape of the town or area is gone or changed. Trees and streets that defined your way home would be gone, perhaps your own definition of being would be gone. You might think, “where do I live now?”, “where do I feel safe?” I remember years ago watching as the swollen Mississippi River swallowed whole farms, washing away houses, and scouring the land into new forms and paths. I guess then we do need our basic defining characteristics…I still am a mother, I still love the Lord and know he is in control, I still can walk and talk, communicate. I can think these things but I cannot begin to know how it is to feel that way because it is “my” house and town that is gone. I need to remember that I won’t be taking all these things along with me when I die either.
    I know how it feels when we’ve been gone for awhile, how great it is to drive into our own driveway, go into a house that I know backwards and forwards, go do my own things. I would miss that.

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