Turkey day

Thanksgiving!  It’s arriving a bit late this year, so I am super-excited and filled with anticipation.  For most of my life, Thanksgiving, to me, has always trumped Christmas.  Don’t get me wrong; I do love Christmas carols and movies and cookies (and presents), but I feel like Thanksgiving comes with less pressure.

Thanksgiving: a holiday all about food and family.  (Well, also about giving thanks, of course.) I am not that into turkey, but direct most of my appetite toward homemade bread, green bean casserole, and apple pie.

Getting together with family in such a relaxed atmosphere is simply wonderful.  I’m sure my mom is less relaxed than I am this time of year, seeing as my parents usually host and she has to make the turkey.  I just love hanging out with my cousins, aunts and uncles, brothers, nieces and nephews.  I love our traditional hike at Allerton Park.  I love meeting up with my high school friends while I’m back in my hometown.

I love the milestones my husband and I have shared on Thanksgiving in our five years together.

  •  2008: He came with me and met my entire family, including the first time meeting my parents. Brave guy! (A few weeks later, I got to go “home” with him and meet his family, too!)
  • 2009: We had a serious talk about where our relationship was heading– basically discovered we were both on the same page and wanted to get married fairly soon. Plus, we had extended-family photos taken, and he posed right beside me.
  • 2012: Our first gathering on my side of the family since announcing our baby on the way.
  • 2013: Our first Thanksgiving with our son! Sweet memories to be made!

2 thoughts on “Turkey day”

  1. Yes, and I can’t wait to help Liam celebrate his first Thanksgiving! Didn’t Nate also meet Phil and Chris and family and even met their guest, a guy who then asked Nate whether he was in the “hunter” or “gatherer” category of people? That was a fun time! I also remember having a young man from India one Thanksgiving, and he added a whole new element to our time…he commented something about if his mother could have seen him carving a turkey! Other memories are having both sets of grandparents at our house as well, Millie and Carl, Winnie and Frank Goodwin, and then later Frank Goodwin with Betty Blatt, Uncle Maynard and Diane, my brother John, Uncle Curt…all good times. Love you Kate.

  2. Thanksgiving is my husband’s favorite holiday, and I’m looking forward to spending our first one together with him at his family’s gathering. I love that you’ve kept track of where you’ve been each Thanksgiving and the milestones associated with them. May you and your husband have a wonderful time making memories and giving thanks this year with Liam. Wishing you continued blessings. – K

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