All because of darts

Dart league brought us together.

In a bar.

Neither of these are things I ever imagined about my future husband back when I was wondering if I’d ever get married.  For awhile, I thought for sure that I’d meet my mate at church or some related activity, so naturally I threw myself into every church-based event I could–small group Bible study, leading a FCA huddle at summer camp, painting and hanging insulation in the new building, volunteering at the kids’ club, and on and on.

Met a guy at a church picnic one afternoon, thought he was pretty awesome, we went out for about a month afterward, and then nothing more. It didn’t go anywhere.

Met someone at Bible study, sort of went out a couple of times…it didn’t go anywhere either.

Met someone else at that Bible study, developed a really terrific friendship, both of us were interested in more, but both of us were also too scared to take the next step.  He moved away and that was that.

Eventually one summer I was hanging out a lot with some work friends and honing my dart skills.  A friend of a friend called on me one day to act as a substitute dart player on his summer league.  Glad to fill in, I showed up that night and met Nate.  I played one of my best rounds ever, scoring a 128 and impressing him.

Less than two years after that night, I married him.  He wasn’t where I expected to find my husband.  It didn’t happen according to my timetable.  But you never know where God can lead, even in the most unlikely of circumstances.  He’s so much more creative than I think.  I’m so thankful He knows what He’s doing!


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