Keys to surviving a zombie apocalypse: Remember the spare glasses

Every once in awhile, my husband and I ask each other what we would miss most in the case of some apocalyptic event.  (Okay, we are usually thinking in terms of a zombie outbreak, but really, the circumstances would be basically the same in any end-of-the-world scenario.)

Imagine that the world as we know it is over.  Infrastructures we’ve all come to rely on have vanished.  There is no more Internet, no more air travel, no cellular service, no more food distribution.  There is no elected government, no military to protect us.

Plenty of so-called small details are often overlooked in our favorite zombie shows.   (You know, because they tend to focus on killing and outrunning zombies and general survival.)  I wonder about those who wear glasses or contacts, since I can’t make out more than blurry shapes without corrective lenses.

My contact lenses are meant to be worn no more than two weeks, so I wear them for about a month before tossing them for a fresh pair.  What would I do after that, in a zombie-infested land?  It’s not as if I could just stop by a Walgreen’s to pick up an unlimited supply of lenses and cleaning solution.  (Although there’s one on just about every corner, stopping by the drugstore gets much more complicated when the walking dead are on your trail.).

And what about my glasses?  I’d  be a bit better off having those on me when the world started changing, because at least those would last a year or two (unless, of course, they got broken).  With breakage presenting a very real threat, maybe we visually challenged ought to stash a few extra pairs of glasses in some strategic places…just in case.

What a crazy disadvantage it is when you can’t see.  No way to visually distinguish between zombies and people?  That would make self-defense pretty tricky.   Picking wild vegetation for consumption?  Need somebody else there for poison-checking.  Reading any reference books found?  Well, I could read one word at a time if I held it up two inches from my face.

Non-seeing, I’d be as much of a liability to my group as a pregnant woman, or someone with a broken leg.  I wonder how long Rick Grimes or Daryl Dixon would have lasted in zombie-swarmed Atlanta if they’d been worried about their bifocals. Hmm…maybe I need to invest in LASIK one of these days…


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