Prayer for my child

I pray my son will know, both now as a baby and into his future years, how crazy powerful our love is for him.  I pray he may sense even now that we would do absolutely anything for him, that we waited and prayed for him to join our family, that we know we’ll fail him at times but want only good for him.

I pray for my husband and I to grow in patience as we raise him.  I pray God fills us with compassion and understanding of the struggles he will face.  I pray we will listen to him as he grows up, giving him respect as an individual and as a child created in God’s image.  I pray he will always know, without a doubt, that his parents support him and love him no matter what.  I pray for God to grant us strength to love and support him even when we may not understand or agree with his choices.

I pray for my son to learn early on how deep God’s love is for him, that he will learn and believe in the power of Christ’s life and death, that he will trust In Jesus for all things.

I pray for him to trust in Christ for his salvation and forgiveness and sanctification.  I pray he will grow to be a man of faith, great faith, and that he will walk by faith and not by sight.  I pray he will learn to trust Jesus even in dark days.

I pray for God to grant us peace in our hearts as we know of the countless threats to our child.  We cannot protect him from all of life’s challenges and disappointments, but let us teach him perseverance through them.  I beg God to give us peace as we entrust our precious boy unto Him every day.  I ask God to watch over him, and to let us never forget or doubt that God loves him even more than we do.

I pray for God’s perfect will to be done in our son’s life.  I pray the Lord might use him in powerful ways, in ways I cannot begin to imagine.   Make him a person of faith, of passion, of grace and mercy.  Let him walk with Christ for all of his life.

I pray that the Lord will use the trials in his life to increase his faith.  Let him grow stronger through adversity.  Let him appreciate the blessings he receives and not take anything for granted.

I pray my son will be a light, shining the glory of Christ everywhere he goes and in everything he does.


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