Such a serene scene.  Tranquility and quietness.  Snow blankets the earth in soft, dangerous beauty.  I breathe a prayer of gratitude that I have nowhere pressing to be, that I am able to remain safe and warm with loved ones as the temperatures continue to plummet.

Watching the flakes fall steadily for hours all Saturday afternoon and evening conjured the voices of Danny Kaye, Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, and whoever dubbed Vera-Ellen’s part in White Christmas.  “Snow…snow…snow…snow…snow!”  I also think of my former student, Wade, and his beautiful crooning of the line, “I’d love to stay up with you, but I recommend a little shut-eye, go to sleep, and dream of snow…”

As a teacher in my twelfth year, I can honestly tell you that I get more excited about a snow day than I did as a kid.  Oh, sure, it was always fun when I was younger.  I remember the old days of having to tune in on the local radio station or the news broadcast to find out the answer to the big question: was it enough snow to get out of school?

I still think I love these emergency days more now.  I never worry about getting bored during extra time off.  I love the fact that I get to still feel like a kid even now, as an adult.  It’s completely magical.  My school district’s phone number is saved in my contacts list as “Snow Day!”

After two additional days of Christmas vacation, I suppose it’s time to get back to regular life.  We had a couple of “cold” days rather than snow days, with the wind chills in the -40s.  They were our first surprise days to spend at home with the little person who has changed our lives.  In just a few short years, he’ll probably be bored during these extra days off, but for now, I’m just loving the fun of snuggling with my baby boy, reading him dozens of books. It was the perfect end to the sweetest Christmas I’ve ever known.


3 thoughts on “Snow”

  1. I still love snow days too. Understandable that you appreciate them even more as an adult, especially when they give you time to cuddle with your little one. Enjoy your day(s) off!

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