Zombies and Waiting

I’m so excited about the upcoming return to The Walking Dead!  Less than one more week to wait!  Four long months after the mid-season finale (wait, I mean two months, but it feels like longer), I am beyond ready to find out what’s going to happen next with this little band of survivors that have become like family to me.

Oh, so many questions beg to be answered:

How long will the smaller subgroups of the prison exiles remain splintered apart? Which groups will find each other?  When and how will Carol show up again? What sort of shelter will they be able to find, in a land where supplies and security grow sparser by the day?   How will those remaining mourn their recently departed loved ones? Who amongst them will be plagued by memories, particularly the final standoff between the governor at the prison?  Which relationships will endure?  Whose integrity will be further eroded by life and circumstance?

With the show’s return, my fellow fans and I will experience the high of getting back into the plot, but we may also suffer from disappointment.  Every episode may not meet our expectations, and even if they do, we are still left wanting more.  Whether an episode is low-key (always a sign the next one will likely be a humdinger) or the most terrifying and gripping thus far, we always want more!

Dissatisfaction can be found everywhere else in my life.  It’s probably true for you, too.  You anticipate something great, maybe you plan and work for it, and eventually, you get it.  You achieve the promotion you’ve wanted for years.  You move to the mountains where you’ve always dreamed of living.  You get married, have a child, buy a house, go on an incredible vacation…whatever the “big future idea” is in your mind.

Even with little things, we have this buildup followed by the pinnacle, then the letdown.  Remember Christmas as a little kid?  Waiting and waiting and making your lists and trying to be good and watching for Santa…then twenty minutes of frantic gift-opening and you were back to plain old boring everyday life.

What fills you with excited anticipation?  (I hope it wasn’t this year’s Super Bowl, unless you’re a Seahawks fan!)

For every event you eagerly anticipated, when you reached the end of the waiting game, how did you feel?  Satisfied?  Complete?

My guess is no.  Maybe we find temporary joy and satisfaction in these things, but of course it never lasts.  We move on to the “next big thing”.  There is always something else on the horizon.

Disappointments are inevitable.  That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy the high points, and the anticipation leading up to them.  The Walking Dead is still my favorite show.  The waiting makes each scene and episode that much better.

May your waiting, whatever the end point may be, make your sweetest moments that much sweeter.

“But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.”  -Micah 7:7


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