Traverse City: Arrival!

Let me just say for the record: we have the best baby EVER!  He was such a trooper during our day of driving…nearly eight hours strapped in a car seat…took us at least a half an hour after getting to town before we found our hotel…hardly fussed or cried at all.  In fact, during the time he was awake (about half of the trip), he entertained himself with his books and toys and when my husband turned on Volbeat, he lit up like a firefly! (Yes, I’m stealing that line from “It’s a Wonderful Life”.) Anyway, the music thrilled our boy and he began clapping, kicking his legs, and smacking his legs to the beat.  Watching his big goofy grins and listening to his squeals of delight made us forget about how he had made us sit up with him from 2 until 3:30 this morning.

IMGP1458ready to leave!

Our drive was easy, without too much traffic for the most part.  A bit rainy here and there. A simple picnic lunch of cheese, bread, and fruit satisfied our appetites to keep us from succumbing to the temptations of fast food.  We made another quick stop for gas and when Nate came back from paying, he tried to get me to go in and buy something, too.  Why?  Because, he said, the cashier looked and talked exactly like little Joe’s male nanny from Modern Family.  Apparently the boy was very enthusiastic about helping him save money on his drink and candy.  While curious, I didn’t go in the store, so I guess I will just have to take Nate’s word for it!

IMGP1461C’mon, Dad! I can drive!

Anyway.  Back to the day…

You know that feeling of relief when you finally reach your destination? That’s what we experienced when we saw our hotel after changing directions several times in the city, just praying Liam’s good mood would hold out a little bit longer.  We really couldn’t believe he was so calm and happy, just singing to himself as we drove.  Of course our navigation system wasn’t working very well, so we couldn’t count on that to get us there.


Once in the room, with a clean diaper, the bambino was still just as happy as could be, crawling and toddling around the hotel room.  He is SOOOO close to walking on his own, and we’ve been poised with the camera for days trying to capture the moment when it does occur.  Maybe he will finally break free here in Michigan!

Pizza at the East Bay restaurant, just down the bay shore from the hotel a mile or so, tasted awesome.  Liam got to marvel at the wooden bear sculptures out front and the taxidermy display of wild animals inside the restaurant.  We watched everyone else who came to the place getting ice cream that looked delicious, but of course we did not have room for that after the pizza. A man came in with four children.  We overheard him talking to another fellow, telling him, “Yeah, I have three more at home.”  Wow.  Seven kids.  Bravo, man.  I cannot imagine trying to manage that many people 24/7.  Another TV-land connection: one of the guy’s kids was wearing nothing but a diaper and shoes.  Who knows the reference?  Oh yeah, it’s the little kid from the scary neighbor family down the street in The Middle.  Thankfully, this kid was not carrying around a baby bottle at age seven and swearing like a sailor.

To let Liam burn off some energy after sitting so much today, we had to try out the hotel pool.  It’s nice, there is a hot tub in the same room, but…the pool water is freezing.  We decided to go in anyway, and  Nate and I both even got ourselves fully submerged briefly.  I don’t very often get my husband into a pool, so it was nice he did it for Liam.  We helped the kiddo kick and splash around for a short time and then warmed him up with a bath in our room.  It must have worked, because he is sleeping angelically now, and didn’t fight sleep one bit tonight.

The bay waters here are sparkling and lovely.  I hope to get some photos added later in the week–sorry!


2 thoughts on “Traverse City: Arrival!”

  1. I’m glad your trip out went smoothly, Kate! I so often hear how stressful car trips with little ones can be, but it sounds like Liam’s handling it remarkably well. Wishing you many more beautiful and memorable moments on your vacation!

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