Work out?  Write? Take a nap?  Read a book? Wash windows?  Play on facebook?  Organize stuff for the garage sale?

So many options run through my head every day when naptime hits!  It’s always a debate over how to spend that one-and-a-half to two hours in the afternoons while my precious little one sleeps.  I love him so much and have so much fun playing with him the rest of the day, but that midday time when he finally lays down for his nap is a much-needed break for me. 

It’s much easier now than when he was a newborn, of course.  In those days, we were so exhausted as new parents that most of his naptimes were devoted to a nap for ourselves (or food)!  Occasionally there would be enough time left for a shower as well.  Now there’s still a sense of pressure every time the little one sleeps–what should I do with my brief time off from being a mama?  It’s so hard to decide sometimes, and then all too soon, naptime is over. 

It’s frustrating because I never seem to get through everything that needs to be done.  Most days it seems like I just barely get started on a task and then he wakes up again.  The upside is that now I’m usually much more efficient with my “free” time than I ever used to be.  I can get stuff done much more quickly than in those pre-parenting days. 

Parents, you all understand about prioritizing all your tasks to be done! I wish you all good luck and happy naptimes!