Pause Button


-one of my little dudes

I love, love, love being a mom. Wouldn’t trade it for anything else in this world.

But man, sometimes parenting feels just plain relentless.

It never ends. From morning till night (and throughout the night, getting up with the baby), minute by minute, it never feels like there’s any true break. Sure, there is the occasional kids’ nap, when I theoretically can get things done, but really that doesn’t happen. The younger one doesn’t nap nearly as long as the older, nor at the same time.

There’s always somebody around. Touching you, asking for food, asking you to play cars or race or animals, asking to play with the I-pad, following you around all over the place.

There’s always somebody needing you. There is no escape. And you love them to pieces, so of course you can’t say no when they look at you with those big doe-eyes and beg you to spin them around again, again, again!


“Will you fly with me?”

And if you have pets, forget about it. Your lap is never free. Man, our three cats are needy. Begging for attention. The instant the children are laid down or occupied somewhere else, the cats are all over you. Their purr and snuggles used to provide comfort and stress relief. Now they’re just three additional energy-suckers. Even at bedtime, when the boys sleep reasonably well, the kitties take over noise duty–meowing, fighting, growling, puking, grooming.


~one child with one of the frustrating cats

I miss sleeping in my bed, all night long. I miss getting in the car to run to Target and not having it be a big deal. I miss leaving the house without sixteen different snack and toy options. I miss spontaneous hangouts with my friends. I miss eating slowly, with utensils, with both arms free. I miss the luxury of focusing on one task for as long as it takes to complete it, rather than in fifteen- or five- or one-minute increments. I miss being able to do ANYTHING, no matter how simple, without thinking of what to do with the kids.

I don’t need a week in Paris. (Although I would not turn it down!) I just need a day to recuperate from life as a parent. One day when I can just be me, without worrying about my kids nonstop.


~sweet baby smile!

I know, I’m lucky. I have awesome kids and an awesome husband to partner with. But I just sometimes could use a break from it all. Parenting is really hard. I signed up for it, and I don’t regret it one bit. But yeah, sometimes a pause button for life would be dreamy.


~a peaceful moment


4 thoughts on “Pause Button”

  1. You posted pictures! 🙂 I can only imagine how life will change for me in 10 weeks . . . but I can’t wait. I love your line “I miss eating slowly, with utensils.” It’s the little things. I hope you do get a break of sorts sometime soon, Kate, or at least that you get some much needed rest/sleep. Thinking of you.

    1. Kari, I can’t wait to see pictures of your little lady! Every stressful or sleepless hour is worthwhile when you hold your child or teach them a new concept of hear them say “I love you.” Thinking of you, too, in this precious waiting season!

  2. Kate, we have all felt that way and continue to. I use to say I’d like a meal that was still hot when I got to eat it and where I didn’t have to cut up anyone elses food. Remember, even in the most desperate of times, that it will all be gone way too soon! Next time you are in town, drop those boys off with me for the day and you go do YOU! 🙂 And thank you for saying what most of us think on a daily basis! Love ya!

    1. Oh, I know it will all be over so quickly! Most of the time, I savor how much they love and need me, knowing all too soon they’ll be rolling their eyes at me and sneaking out of the house. And three weeks from now, I’ll be at work, wishing I were home with them again…

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