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missing water

Impossibly clear blue-green water.  Mountains looming ahead.  Peaceful coves tucked away, almost as if completely apart from civilization.


While traveling in the mountains of southeastern France two years ago, one day my husband and I found ourselves canoeing on this picturesque lake.  We had reserved our spot through a local travel company, but when we arrived lakeside, the rental place looked abandoned.  Luckily, one guy was actually there and came to talk to us eventually, and although he didn’t seem to know anything about our reservation, he hooked us up with a two-person sit-on-top canoe for a couple of hours.


It was one of the most serene afternoons of our lives.  We were far from the tourist crowds of Paris, getting exercise and fresh air and quiet time to talk.


Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be paddling along a peaceful lake’s edge right now, feeling the oars slice smoothly through the still waters.

I know it’s getting colder and winter is on its way.  The really bitter cold hasn’t even begun yet.  It will be at least four or five months until we will be able to get out on the water again.  So it doesn’t bode well for me to already be feeling so anxious to use my kayak.

We only managed to get our boats wet three times over the past summer.  Learning to care for a newborn pretty well occupied our time.  Definitely, we plan to get out on the water much more next summer, but it seems so far in the future right now…